W5 FSD Documentary on CTV (Pharma Sutra)

December 3, 2008

female viagraW-Five (W5) is an investigative journalism show on Canada’s CTV network (think “60 Minutes”, “20/20” “Dateline NBC” etc). And this coming Saturday, December 6 they are either showing or talking about a documentary called “Pharma Sutra” that talks about three treatments in development for FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction), or FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder).

The treatments are a pill (?), a patch – which is likely the testosterone patch which didn’t get approved by the FDA but is available by prescription in the UK, and a nasal spray – which is certainly either going to be Bremelanotide or its successor from the same company, PL-6983 (depending on how uptodate this documentary is).

I’ll post more when the documentary airs, but until then you can read a bit about that “Pharma Sutra” documentary here, or about Bremelanotide (called the ‘female viagra’) or Pl-6983 or Palatin Technologies, who is developing PL-6983, after their attempt to get FDA approval of Bremelanotide was shot down.

Let’s hope the documentary has some good news! 🙂






PL-6983 – is it a true aphrodisiac?

September 4, 2008

This is my new blog about a product / treatment I just read about. It’s called PL-6983 and is in development to treat female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and eventually erectile dysfunction (ED) as well.

The company developing it is Palatin Technologies and PL-6983 is a second attempt at such a drug. Their first attempt was with a drug initially called PT-141 and then formally named ‘Bremelanotide’… much like PL-6983 will eventually be given a real name.

Unfortunately the FDA did not approve Palatin’s application for Bremelanotide to be used as a treatment for ED, citing concerns about high blood pressure in some people who tested it. However it’s been commented here and there that it’s a bit of a double standard when you consider that Viagra WAS approved and it can cause LOW blood pressure in some people.

So Palatin has now moved onto a slightly different compound that apparently causes less instances or less significant blood pressure concerns in the rats (or whatever) that they’ve tested it on.

I intend to use this blog to follow the progress of PL-6983’s clinical trials and it (hopefully) eventual approval by the FDA.

Additional resources include:

Palatin Technologies: the developer of PL-6983 and Bremelanotide

– The Bremelanotide Bulletin: a periodically updated website / newsletter with info about Bremelanotide, PL-6983, and similar treatments in development

PL-6983.com: Obviously a site dedicated to this new treatment. Not much there as of the time of this writing, but likely will once clinical trials begin.